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Monday, December 8, 2008

Quinn's First Birthday

A darling backpack from Aunt Pam. 
"Let me show you how this works, Quinn"
Incrediblock from Daddy and Mommy. 
Shop and go walking toy from Nana and Pa. 
Most of his presents - I think a few are missing from the picture - Sorry!
"There we go - that's what I'm talking about!"
"Oooohhh, that is good!  Only thing wrong with it is that it's too small.  Give me a real piece - I mean, who's birthday is this?"
Let's try a cupcake first.
"What is this and what do I do with it?"
A Big Bird Birthday Party!

Fall pictures

Quinn never smiled during this photo shoot, but at least he's not crying in this one!  And that's only because he's holding his cheerios!
I think if we had kept at it, we could have gotten a cute picture because it's such a cute scene with the pumpkins.  Unfortunately, this was while we were packing up to go home and we couldn't spend the time necessary to get the perfect shot. 
This was the best picture I got of the boys this fall.  I don't even care that Quinn's not smiling.  I'm just glad he's not crying or crawling away or sucking his paci - I could keep going of all the things he could be doing that would make for a not so cute picture.  I'm choosing to be thankful for the picture I got - you gotta be with three little boys!

I just love fall pictures.  There are so many cute options for taking pictures of children in the fall.  Playing in the leaves, sitting in front of pumpkins, standing in front of a beautiful, colorful fall tree, dressed in cute halloween costumes.  I wasn't greedy this year, because I knew it would be difficult to get all those pictures with my boys.  I just wanted one great picture.  It didn't happen at halloween because I was out of town and Jeremy did fall festival on his own and didn't get around to taking pictures.  It didn't happen with the leaves because we don't have enough trees in Texas to produce enough leaves to play in.  It didn't happen with pumpkins because I waited too long to buy them - did you know that they don't sell pumpkins after halloween?  I didn't, and I think that's really dumb.  I mean, it's still fall - you've still got a whole other month to use fall decor.  Anyway, Thanksgiving at the cabin was my last chance.  There were leaves to play in AND a pumpkin scene.  I posted the best picture from each photo shoot.  It probably would have been funnier to post all the pictures that didn't turn out.  The grumpy, crying, crawling away ones.  The tear-streaked, frowny, are we done yet pictures.  I'll keep those pictures because it makes me cherish this one all the more. 

Thanksgiving at the cabin

The Peru room - mine and Jeremy's room at the cabin - the blanket, art, and pottery all came from Peru. 
Papa with his boys. 
Mimi with the birthday boy. 
Uncle Terry found a huntin' buddy!
Keller and Anna Bekah having some down time. 
For a boy, there's nothing better than going exploring in the woods.
"I can't see any deer! Everything's so little!"
Uncle Terry and Jared carving the smoked turkeys.  They were soooo good! 

We spent Thanksgiving with my Dad's family in Satartia at the cabin he and my uncle share. It's so nice to have a place we can all stay together, so we can spend more time visiting with each other.  The little cousins had a blast playing together.  I didn't get pictures of all of them, but there are 11 of them now.  We ate lots of good food and did lots of things outside, including deer watching, hunting, exploring, playing in the leaves, riding on the golf cart, making smores, playing ball, and catching critters.  We had such a good time and can't wait to go back again. 

New Bunk Beds

Keller "reading" a bedtime story to Creston. 
They take turns sleeping on the top.

In October we bought the boys bunkbeds so they could start sharing a room.  Quinn finally moved into the nursery and is sleeping in a crib - he loves it!  We got a great deal on the bunkbeds and got the bedding at Target.  One set of sheets has different colored stars and the other has different colored cars, trucks, boats, planes, trains, etc.  They just love their new big boy beds.  We shouldn't be surprised, but we have to go in their room almost every night to tell them to stop talking and playing and go to sleep.  I guess that comes with the territory!