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Monday, May 17, 2010

2009 was a very busy year for me. We put our house on the market in 2008. A year later it finally sold. Anyone who has ever sold a house knows what a full time job it is keeping a house show ready. I was also driving to Mansfield 2-3 times a week house hunting. After 3 months of that, we were told by the bank that we couldn't get a loan for a house since we had just bought a dental practice. Thanks for the heads up. Then we moved to a rental house in Mansfield and I've been working on making this house feel like a home. Keller started kindergarten last fall and I am on the PTA board at his school. The two little boys are in preschool at our church 2 mornings a week, so you would think I would have those days to do whatever I want (i.e. blogging). Not so. Those mornings are spent at the gym, Keller's school, grocery shopping, post office, cleaners, etc. So, these are my excuses (and good ones, I think) for abandoning my blog as long as I have. I have been harassed, I mean encouraged by fellow blogging friends who are insanely faithful at keeping their blogs current, to update my blog. Let me say upfront that I will not be updating daily, or probably even weekly. I'll do my best, though. That's all I can say!